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Introduce your friends to our healthy pet food by sharing a special offer for 50% off a 2lb box.  If they redeem it, you will be emailed a $5 coupon to spend in stores OR in our online shop!

Your friends must use your personal coupon link in order for the sale to be tracked to you. Offer valid on only one 2 LB box per order and only valid for new customers. 


Can I refer myself to get a coupon for 50% off a 2lb box?  Self-referrals, mass referral thru coupon sites & freebie sites and cross referrals are not allowed. Any users found abusing this will have their coupons deactivated and accounts closed.  Please read our terms here >  

My friend ordered three 2lb boxes.  Do I get three coupons?  Coupons are distributed based on number of orders, not on number of 2lb boxes redeemed. Since your friend only placed one order, you will get one $5 coupon.