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the honest difference

We make pet food from healthy, human grade whole foods that make a positive difference to pet health and wellbeing.

  • You'll notice we say human grade a lot. It’s an important distinction that sets us apart from the rest of the pet food pack. 

  • We take the same fresh meats, eggs, fish and produce you’d find at your local farmer’s market and gently dehydrated them to preserve their natural goodness. You just add water.

  • Poor quality food can cause bad health. But the good news is that good proper food can also be the medicine. See how making the switch to dehydrated whole foods might save you a bill from the vet.

  • We could chat all day about our foods, but the best way to discover The Honest Kitchen difference is to try them. We’re practically certain you’ll be happy you did, and lots of our customers say they’ve seen tails wag so much at the thought of our food, the bottoms wiggle with them!